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GMF03x Starter Kit


GMF03x Starter Kit is a development kit which works with the 32-bit GMF03x MCU. It can be used in product prototype development as well as solution and performance evaluation, helping customers shorten the product R&D cycles and time-to-market for new products.

GMF03x Starter Kit includes GMF03x Starter Kit Board and GMF03x SDK Package. The Starter Kit Board interoperates with Arduino™ Nano interfaces and enables easy expansion, supports an on-board debugger (J-Link), and is free from external debuggers or programmers.The SDK package includes drivers , sample codes, and example projects for typical application scenarios.

Key Features

  • Supported chip packages: TSSOP20, LQFP32, and LQFP48
  • Three supported development tools
    1. Keil µVision
    2. IAR™ EWARM
    3. GCC

Hardware Description

  • 2 LEDs
    1. Power supply and USB communications LED (D2)
    2. User-programmable LED (D1)
  • Crystal oscillator
    1. 32.768 kHz LXOSC (GMF03x-SK-QFP48)
    2. 8 MHz HXOSC
  • Expansion board interfaces
    1. Arduino™ Nano
    2. Digital I/O pins
  • Reset key
  • Power supplies
    1. J-Link USB Vbus
    2. External power supply
  • On-board debugger (J-Link) and virtual COM port

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