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GMF03x Touch Demo Kit


GMF03x Touch Demo Kit is a touch application demonstration kit which works with the GMF03x MCU. It helps quickly customize touch-sensing products based on the GMF03x MCU.

GMF03x Touch Demo Kit includes GMF03x Touch Demo Kit board and the GMF0xx SDK package.The Touch Demo Kit board has three types of sensors (Key, Linear, Rotary). The  SDK package includes example projects of the Touch Demo Kit, Touch Sensor Controller Library (TSCL) and driver codes, etc.

Key Features

  • Three types of touch sensors(Key, Linear, Rotary)
  • Supports operations such as press, single tap, double tap, long press and slide
  • Auto sleep and manual wake-up
  • Supports irregular operations in environments with sweaty hands, humidity or water mist
  • Prevents error touches in situations such as water standing or flowing

Hardware Description

  • Composed of a PCB and a glass cover-plate
  • Three types of touch sensors
    1. Key Sensor
    2. Linear Sensor
    3. Rotary Sensor
  • 18 touch-sensing channels and 1 shielding channel
  • LED-driven chip and LEDs
  • USB-to-SWD and USB-to-Serial converters
  • A software tool used to debug the parameters of the touch sensor controllers (TSC) and touch sensor controller library (TSCL) of the GMF03x chip series.

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