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PLT-LITE board and GRPLT_OffLine are Goodix proprietary hardware and software for testing GR551x System-on-Chips (SoCs) offline in the production line prior to mass production.

GRPLT_OffLine packages relevant resource files and mass production configurations that will be downloaded to the PLT-LITE board through the USB-UART port. Upon successful download, you can press relevant buttons on the PLT-LITE board to start an offline mass production test. In the test, you can upgrade firmware of a device under test (DUT), set DUT-specific parameters, and test DUT performance.

Purpose-built for GR551x Bluetooth Low Energy SoCs, the PLT-LITE board enables the SoCs to connect to an external 16 MB Flash memory for fast, secure data storage. Connected to a DUT via a UART port, the PLT-LITE board allows test engineers to directly program Flash on the DUT via QSPI.

In addition, the PLT-LITE board can work with an I2C OLED display which shows progress, result, and error code of a mass production test, helping you quickly obtain the test status. For boards that are not equipped with a display, you can check the test progress by observing the flickering of the LEDs on the PLT-LITE board. In addition, utilize GRPLT_OffLine to read error code stored in Flash on the board to locate abnormality in the production line.

Cascading of PLT-LITE boards in parallel is allowed to make concurrent testing of multiple DUTs in the production line possible. Upon successful cascading, long-press a button on only one board to synchronize data on all cascaded boards and press another button on the board to start testing all cascaded boards.

Hardware Features

  • Advanced CPU architecture: 64 MHz ARM® Cortex®-M4 supporting floating-point unit (FPU)

  • Flexible configuration of memory blocks: 256 KB RAM, 1 MB QSPI Flash, and external 16 MB QSPI Flash

  • Diverse I/O interfaces: GPIO, QSPI, PWM, and UART

  • USB power supply

  • Software-programmable communication voltage: 1700 mV–3500 mV

  • Software-programmable QSPI communication rate: 2 Mbps–8 Mbps

  • Beeper (optional)

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