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 Voice and Audio Software

CarVoice – Premium voice calling enhancement software solution for automotive application


CarVoice is a fully featured voice enhancement software solution for automotives.


  • Calling

    1. Single and Multi-microphone Noise suppression:

      1. Advanced adaptive beamforming
      2. Frequency domain noise cancellation
    2. Mono and dual speaker Acoustic Echo Cancellation
    3. Robustness features: e.g., Microphone coverage recovery
    4. Signal conditioning: equalizer, dynamic range compression, auto volume leveling
  • Voice Recognition pre-enhancement

    1. Barge-in: to increase accuracy during device playback: Echo cancellation
    2. Noise cancellation: Multi-mic Beamforming and noise cancellation
  • Microphone configuration

    1. CarVoice supports a flexible range of different microphone configurations, from a single microphone to multiple multi-mic clusters per passenger/driver
  • In-Car-Communication:

    1. Front-to-back
    2. Back-to-front
    3. Can also function during music playback
  • Tool:

    1. Graphical tool for easy tuning by OEM and customer support teams

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