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 Voice and Audio Software

Voice and Audio Software

Voice and audio are key interfaces for your devices to interact with the world. End users use their device everywhere – in office, while driving, in crowded restaurant. Goodix provides solutions to enable end users and their devices to listen and sound better, no matter what kind of environment they are in. Our voice and audio software products have been running on over three billion of mobile devices worldwide. We continue advancing our technology to deliver best-in-class experiences for your end users across a variety of device types.

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Premium enhancements for human-to-human communication on mobile devices.
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Improve the accuracy of human-to-machine interaction by canceling out disturbing sounds, which are generated by the device itself (e.g., music, video, ringtone playback) or in the environment of the device (car noise, TV playing in background)
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Enable users to enrich the audio experience when capturing videos on a smartphone or tablet.
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Voice enhancement software solution specifically adapted for headphone and earbud form-factor.
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Voice enhancement software solution specifically adapted for automotive use cases.
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