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GH205 - Low Power Heart Rate Sensor


GH205 is a heart rate sensor that integrates a photodiode (PD) and an analog front-end. It communicates through IIC interface and can be adopted by smart devices such as Bluetooth headphones and smart wristbands.
(Note: This product has reached the End of Service [EOS]. GH300 is suggested for new designs.)


  • Low power consumption:

    1. Average current (typical value): 130 µA @ 25 Hz Heart Rate Sampling Frequency (excluding LED)
    2. Average current (typical value for East Asian users): 180 µA @ 25 Hz Heart Rate Sampling Frequency (including LED)
  • Built-in photodiode (PD)

  • Built-in 14 Bits ADC

  • Operating Voltage: 2.1 V ~ 3.6 V

  • Support IIC Slave interface

  • Package Size: 3 mm * 4 mm * 0.8 mm

System Block Diagram

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