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GH300 - Ultra-Low Power Heart Rate Sensor


GH300 is a heart rate sensor that integrates two LEDs, a photodiode (PD) and an analog front-end in an ultra-compact size with ultra-low power consumption. It can be adopted by the devices with high standards on size and power consumption, such as smart headphones and smart rings.

Designed for smart headphone applications, GH300 is capable of in-ear detection (IED) and supports an external photodiode (PD) and LED module to achieve precise heart rate sensing.


  • Ultra-Compact Size:

    1. Package Size: 4.3 mm × 2.6 mm × 0.9 mm
    2. Two LEDs, one PD and one AFE embedded
  • Ultra-Low Power consumption:

    1. Average current consumption in Heart Rate Detection mode (typical value): 25 µA @25 Hz Heart Rate Sampling Frequency (excluding LED)
    2. Average current consumption in Heart Rate Detection mode (typical value for yellow skin users): 40 µA @25 Hz Heart Rate Sampling Frequency (including LED)
    3. Average current consumption in In-Ear Detection mode (typical value): 10 µA (including LED)
  • Excellent Performance:

    1. 24 Bits highly accurate ADC
    2. Dynamic range: 96 dB
  • Light Transmitter Module:

    1. Two internal LEDs and one external LED
    2. Three independent LED drivers
    3. 8 bits programmable current controller
    4. Automatic dimming, self-adaptive to environment changes in optical path for optimal SNR output
  • Light Receiver Module:

    1. One internal photodiode (PD) and one external photodiode (PD)
    2. Two receiving channels
    3. Up to 1 kHz heart rate sampling frequency for each channel
  • Operating Voltage: 2.1V ~ 3.3V

  • Communication Interface: IIC

  • Functions: HR , HRV, In-Ear Detection (IED)

  • Application: Smart headphones, smart rings, smart wristbands, etc.

System Block Diagram


  • GH300 Datasheet

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