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GH3011 Health Sensor


GH3011 is a health sensor that integrates three LED drivers, one photodiode (PD) and one analog front-end, it supports such functions as Heart Rate (HR), Heart Rate Variability (HRV), Peripheral Capillary Oxygen Saturation (SpO2) and Wearing detections. It features ultra-low power consumption and extremely high precision, and is applicable to the smart devices like wristbands and watches.


  • Ultra-Low Power consumption

    1. Average current consumption in Heart Rate Detection mode (typical value): 25 µA @25 Hz Heart Rate Sampling Frequency (excluding LED drive current)
    2. Average current consumption in Heart Rate Detection mode (typical value for yellow skin): 60 µA @25 Hz Heart Rate Sampling Frequency and 52.6 μs ADC sampling (including 30 mA LED drive current)
    3. Average current consumption in In-Ear Detection mode (typical value): 10 µA (including LED drive current)
  • Excellent Performance

    1. 24-bit highly accurate ADC
    2. Dynamic range: 96 dB
  • Light Transmitter Block

    1. Three independent LED drivers embedded; each supports up to 100 mA drive capability
    2. Two LED drivers facilitate output drive signals synchronously
    3. 8-bit programmable current controller
    4. Automatic dimming, self-adaptive to environment changes in optical path for optimal SNR output
  • Light Receiver Block

    1. Built-In photodiode (PD)
    2. Up to 1 kHz heart rate sampling frequency for each channel
  • Internal FIFO: 768 Bytes

  • LGA Package

    1. Size: 3 mm × 4 mm × 0.8 mm
    2. Three LED drivers, one PD and one AFE embedded
  • Operating Voltage: 2.1 V-3.3 V

  • Communication Interface: IIC or SPI

  • Functions: HR, HRV, SpO2 and Wearing Detections

  • Application: Wearable devices like wristbands, watches, fitness arm bands, stick-on heart rate monitors, fingerprint oximeter and in-ear headphones

System Block Diagram

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