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GH3020 Health Sensor


GH3020 is a health sensor that integrates multichannel PPG sensing circuits, capable of monitoring health indicators like as heart rate (HR), heart rate variability (HRV) and peripheral capillary oxygen saturation (SpO2). It has a distinct feature of ultra-low power consumption and extremely high precision, and is applicable to the smart devices like high-end smart watches and wristbands.


  • Ultra-Low Power Consumption

    1. 100 µA @ 4 channels, 100Hz, 1st-order Background Light Rejection (BGR)
  • Ultra-High Performance

    1. 24-bit highly accurate ADC
    2. PPG dynamic range: up to 110 dB
    3. Up to 256 µA Configurable Background Light Cancellation (BGC)
    4. AC Background Light Rejection (BGR) (50 Hz): 60 dB
    5. DC Background Light Rejection (BGR): 80 dB
  • Light Transmitter Block

    1. 8 LED pins
    2. Two 8-bit LED drivers: each supports 4 LEDs
    3. Each driver provides a maximum drive current of 200 mA
    4. Up to 8 programmable Lighting time-slots
  • Light Receiver Block

    1. Four independent AFEs that support synchronous sampling
    2. Up to 8 programmable sample time-slots, up to 32 effective channels for data acquisition
    3. Maximum junction capacitance of PD: 400 pF
  • Build-In Functions

    1. Automatic Dimming
    2. Automatic Wrist Detection
  • FIFO: 800 samples

  • Communication Interface

    1. Up to 12MHz SPI
    2. Up to 1MHz IIC
  • Package

    1. WLCSP package
    2. Size: 2.605mm × 2.905mm × 0.468 mm
  • Typical Applications

    1. Heart Rate
    2. SpO2
    3. HRV
    4. Wrist Detection

System Block Diagram

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