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GH3020 Health Sensor


GH3020 is a health sensor that integrates multichannel PPG sensing circuits, capable of monitoring the health indicators such as Heart Rate (HR), Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and Peripheral Capillary Oxygen Saturation (SpO2). It features ultra-low power consumption and extremely high precision, and is applicable to the smart devices such as high-end smart watches and wristbands.


  • Ultra-Low Power Consumption

    1. 100 µA @ 4 channels, 100Hz, 1st-order Background Light Rejection (BGR)
  • Ultra-High Performance

    1. 24-bit highly accurate ADC
    2. PPG dynamic range: up to 110 dB
    3. Up to 256 µA Configurable Background Light Cancellation (BGC)
    4. AC Background Light Rejection (BGR) (50 Hz): 60 dB
    5. DC Background Light Rejection (BGR): 80 dB
  • Light Transmitter Block

    1. 8 LED pins
    2. Two 8-bit LED drivers: each supports 4 LEDs
    3. Each driver provides a maximum drive current of 200 mA
    4. Up to 8 programmable Lighting time-slots
  • Light Receiver Block

    1. Four independent AFEs that support synchronous sampling
    2. Up to 8 programmable sample time-slots, up to 32 effective channels for data acquisition
    3. Maximum junction capacitance of PD: 400 pF
  • Build-In Functions

    1. Automatic Dimming
    2. Automatic Wrist Detection
  • FIFO: 800 samples

  • Communication Interface

    1. Up to 12MHz SPI
    2. Up to 1MHz IIC
  • Package

    1. WLCSP package
    2. Size: 2.605mm × 2.905mm × 0.468 mm
  • Typical Applications

    1. Heart Rate
    2. SpO2
    3. HRV
    4. Wrist Detection

System Block Diagram

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