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​GH6210 - 高精度智能电容检测芯片

GH6210 – High-Precision Smart Capacitive Sensor


GH6210 is a 3-channel high-precision smart capacitive sensor. It can be widely utilized in high-sensitivity scenarios including touch and proximity sensing. By leveraging the built-in RF filter circuit, it is highly immune to interference. Each sensing channel can be configured individually. In addition, a low-power data processor is integrated to support differentiated data processing requirements.

In SAR proximity sensing, GH6210 supports a variety of antennas of different sizes and capacitance to ground simultaneously. In HMI applications, it excels for internal 16-bit low-power MCU, supporting a rich set of slide and custom gestures.


  • Up to 3 channels for self/mutual-capacitance sensing

    1. Premium capacitance resolution at 1.5 aF
    2. Self-capacitance input range: ±10 pF (typical)
    3. Capacitance offset compensation for self-capacitance sensing (Coffset): up to 300 pF
    4. Independent channel configuration
    5. Automatic temperature calibration
  • VCC power supply voltage: 1.7 V ~ 3.6 V

  • IIC communication level: 1.1 V ~ 3.6 V

  • Built-in 16-bit low-power MCU

  • Standard IIC communication interface; serving as slave device

  • Sensing channels multiplexed as GPIOs

  • Fast slide gesture recognition and customized gesture directions

  • Memory: 16 KB PRAM; 1 KB DRAM

  • Package: WLCSP 8-Pin 0.946 mm x 1.752 mm x 0.57 mm

System Block Diagram

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