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The GM6x5x Series – A Microcontroller Unit Family Which Integrates Hardware Fingerprint Algorithm with High Performance and Low Power Consumption


The GM6x5x series microcontroller (MCU) has high performance and low power consumption. It integrates a hardware fingerprint algorithm accelerator internally and is equipped with excellent fingerprint authentication algorithm performance and adaptability to environments.

The GM6x5x series offers three model numbers: GM6256, GM6451PBNI and GM6451SBBIF. Among these three, GM6256 has a built-in security algorithm module and has passed the EAL4+ security certification while complying with the ICA alliance’s ID2 security application order and guidelines. In addition, GM6256 and GM6451PBNI offer the QFN packaging and GM6451SBBIF offers the BGA packaging.


  • CPU

    • Fully support the RV32I basic instruction set
    • Fully support the RV32C standard extended compression instruction set
    • Fully support the RV32M extended instruction set of the internally integrated multiplier and divider
    • Fully support the RV32F single-precision floating-point extended instructions
    • Special extended instructions include:
      • Backward loading and storage
      • Support extended multiplication and addition
      • Support extended arithmetic logic units (ALU)
  • On-chip storage

    • Instruction ROM (IROM): 128 KB
    • Data ROM (DROM): 32 KB
    • Instruction RAM (IRAM): 128 KB
    • Data RAM (DRAM): 64 KB
    • Cache RAM (BRAM):192 KB
    • eFuse: 4,096 bits
  • Functional modules

    • On-chip image with hardware acceleration algorithm module, mainly including pre-processing algorithm, feature extraction algorithm and matching algorithm
      • The modules include 13 hardware acceleration operators and software serial calls
      • Command queue method calls operators
      • MOC (Match on chip) accesses buffer RAM via Local bus
      • After Command queues execution is completed, completion interrupts can be sent
    • Supports two channels of DMA
    • 2 Timers
    • 1 Watchdog
    • 1 interrupt controller
    • 1 RTC
  • Security modules (some of the functions are supported by GM6256 only)

    • Supports AES-128/192/256
    • Supports HMAC-SHA256
    • Supports ECC-256/RSA-2048
    • Support true randomness/pseudo randomness, including:
      • FRO ring oscillator digital true randomness source and analog chaos switch current true randomness source
      • Digital random number post-processing unit
    • light, voltage and temperature safety sensors
  • Peripheral modules

    • 1 Flash controller which has QSPI interfaces, with the maximum communication speed at 48 Mbps
    • 1 channel of QSPI Master, with the maximum communication speed at 24 Mbps
    • 1 channel of SPI Master, with the maximum communication speed at 24 Mbps
    • 1 channel of SPI Slave, with the maximum communication speed at 24 Mbps
    • At most three channels of UART interfaces, with the highest supported Baud rate of 115,200 baud/s
    • Supports up to 45 configurable GPIO (all of which can be used as interrupt inputs with only two supporting input directions)
    • 1 channel of I2C master device interface, with the maximum communication speed at 400 Kbps
    • JTAG debut port
  • Simulation features

    • Internally integrated 48 MHz and 32 kHz oscillators
    • Support external 12 MHz and 32 kHz crystal oscillator inputs
    • Integrated power management module
    • Integrated power-on reset and power-down reset modules
    • Integrated security sensors
    • Integrated switch current random number generator
    • Integrated 3 channels of LED drivers

System Block Diagram

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