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GMF03x series - ARM® Cortex®-M0-Based MCU Series with High Performance and Low Power Consumption


The GMF03x series microcontrollers(GMF03x MCU or GMF03x), with ARM® Cortex®-M0 core, is a MCU product with high performance and low power consumption. The standby power consumption is as low as 2 µA. The GMF03x MCU is embedded with 4 Kbytes of SRAM and 32 Kbytes of Flash, and high-precision RC oscillators, with the supported operating frequency up to 48MHz. The GMF03x MCU also supports abundant peripheral interfaces, including push-pull/open-drain GPIOs, serial peripheral interface(SPI), I2C with Fast-mode Plus(Fm+), universal synchronous/asynchronous receiver/transmitter(USART), inter-IC sound interface(I2S). It also has 12-bit ADC with the conversion rate up to 1Msps, 5 timers supporting comparison and capture functions, a high-precision RTC with clock self-calibration, 24-channel of touch sensor controllers (TSC) and 2 independent operational amplifiers (OPAMP).

All of these make the GMF03x MCU an ideal choice for electric bicycle controllers, air quality monitors, smart traffic/city/home devices and consumer devices with touch keys.


  • Core

    • 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M0 CPU
    • System clock up to 48MHz
  • Memory

    • 32 KBytes on-chip Flash
    • 4 KBytes SRAM
  • Power supply

    • 2.4 V ≤ VDD ≤ 3.6 V
    • VDD ≤ VDDA ≤ 3.6 V
    • Power-on/Power-down reset (POR/PDR)
  • Low power consumption modes

    • Sleep mode
    • Stop mode
    • Standby mode
  • Clock source

    • Internal 8 MHz RC clock
    • Internal 40 kHz RC clock
    • Internal ADC-exclusive 14 MHz RC oscillator
    • Internal phase-locked loop clock (PLL)
    • 4 ~ 32 MHz external high-speed crystal oscillator
    • 32.768 kHz external low-speed crystal oscillator
  • Up to 39 GPIOs

    • Some I/Os support 5V tolerant voltage
    • All I/Os can be configured as an interrupt source
  • Build-in 32-bit CRC
  • 12-bit ADC

    • 10 external channels
    • 3 internal channels
  • RTC that supports wake-up in the low power mode
  • 6 timers

    • 1 16-bit advanced timer
    • 4 16-bit general timers
    • 1 24-bit system timer
  • 2 watchdog timers (WDT)
  • External communication interfaces

    • 1 I2C communication interface
    • 1 SPI/I2S communication interface
    • 1 USART communication interface
    • SWD debug interface
  • 24 channels of touch sensor controllers (TSC)
  • 2 operational amplifiers (OPAMP)

System Block Diagram

User Guides

  • GProgrammer User Manual


  • The GMF0xx Software Development Kit (SDK) provides applications based on the GMF03x series MCU, including drivers, middleware and sample project. This helps the developers simplify the process of building lower layer hardware code and basic code framework in order to shorten the developing period.

General Tools

  • Code Generator is a code generation tool, which supports project configuration by a graphical user interface (GUI). It helps users quickly create application projects.
  • GProgrammer is a generic Flash programming tool that applies to Goodix chip series. It supports the functions like firmware download, Flash read/write, and eFuse-related configurations.

Development Tools

  • GMF03x DFP (Device Family Pack) offers additional software components and development support for GMF03x MCU devices.

Debug Tools

  • A software tool used to debug the parameters of the touch sensor controllers (TSC) and touch sensor controller library (TSCL) of the GMF03x chip series.


  • Hardware Development
    GMF03x Starter Kit is a development kit which works with the 32-bit GMF03x MCU. It can be used in product prototype development as well as solution and performance evaluation, helping customers shorten the product R&D cycles and time-to-market for new products.
  • Hardware Development
    GMF03x Touch Demo Kit is a touch application demonstration kit which works with the GMF03x MCU. It helps quickly customize touch-sensing products based on the GMF03x MCU

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