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 Voice and Audio Software

SmartEar-Voice Enhancement for Headsets and Earbuds


SmartEar is a single- and multi-mic voice enhancement software solution specifically designed for headset and earbud use cases. SmartEar enhances both the human-to-human communication and human-to-machine interaction for the end user.


  • Uplink (microphone path):

    1. Acoustic Echo Cancellation
    2. Noise suppression and beam forming
    3. Scalable microphone configurations matching typical headset/earbud design:

      1. 1-mic
      2. 1+1-mic: one microphone on each side of the head
      3. 2-mic: two closely spaced microphones on one side of head
      4. 2+2-mic: two close spaced microphones on each side of the head
    4. Wind Noise Suppression
    5. Signal conditioning: equalizer, dynamic range compression, auto volume leveling
  • Downlink (speaker path):

    1. Noise suppression
    2. Loudness maximizer
    3. Automatic intelligibility enhancement when calling in noisy conditions
  • Tool:

    1. Graphical tool for easy tuning by OEM and customer support teams

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