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 Voice and Audio Software

SpeechAssist – Enabling high accuracy Speech Recognition


SpeechAssist is a single- and multi-mic voice enhancement software solution to improve the accuracy of human-to-machine interaction on premium Smartphone/Tablets. End users are using their devices in conditions where the accuracy of speech recognition is not always reliable.  SpeechAssist cancels out disturbing sounds, which are generated by the device itself (e.g., music, video, ringtone playback), or in the environment of the device itself (car noise, TV playing in the background).


  • On device:

    1. Barge-in: to increase accuracy during device playback: Echo cancellation
    2. Noise cancellation: Multi-mic Beamforming and noise cancellation
    3. Microphone support: 1 to 4 microphones
  • Tool:

    1. Graphical tool for easy tuning by OEM and customer support teams
    2. Automatic tuning tool for optimal accuracy for a given recognition engine
  • Services:

    1. Expert local tuning

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