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Audio Amplifier

TFA9888: 9.7V Highly Power-Efficient DSP Embedded stereo Class-D Audio Amplifier


Stereo is becoming common in mobile devices, and Goodix is introducing the TFA9888UK which brings a 9.7 V boost and stereo output for great sound in mobile devices.

It has high efficient stereo 2x3.2 W Class-D audio amplifiers with 9.7 V boost voltage into small form factor devices while enabling optimized handset performance.


  • Sophisticated speaker protection and audio boost algorithm running on an embedded CoolFlux® DSP

  • Receiver speaker driver with low noise (12 uV A-weighted) and excellent power supply noise rejection (>105 dB)

  • Support for Smart Receiver driver mode

  • Automatically detect speaker issues during the phone manufacturing

  • Advanced power management, results in lower average-power consumption than competing solutions

  • Intelligent DC-DC boost converter

  • Battery monitoring system

  • Easy integration into any system design

  • PCB size utilization is optimized by reducing the number of external components (boost converter coil for stereo use)

  • Multiband dynamic range compressor (DRC) allows independent control of up to three frequency bands

System Block Diagram

Application Block Diagram






  • TFA9888_SDS_Rev.3.1 DS-VAA-00037-EN Rev.3.1 2020-04-30 PDF

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