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 Voice and Audio Software

VoiceExperience-Premium Voice Calling Enhancement Software Solution


VoiceExperience is a single- and multi-mic voice enhancement software solution for voice communication with premium Smartphone/Tablets, including HD voice, super-wideband (EVS, VoIP), full-band (VoIP), voice experiences during gaming. VoiceExperience combines the best of deep learning techniques with speech and signal processing techniques in a market proven robust solution.


  • Uplink (microphone path):

    1. Uplink Single and Multi-microphone (up to 4) Noise suppression:

      1. Advanced adaptive beamforming
      2. Frequency domain noise cancellation
      3. Aided by Neural Network technology
    2. AI-Enhanced Noise Reduction

      1. Comes with significant objective and subjective performance
    3. Wind Noise Suppression
    4. Mono and dual speaker Acoustic Echo Cancellation
    5. Robustness features: e.g., Microphone coverage recovery
    6. Signal conditioning: equalizer, dynamic range compression, auto volume levelling
  • Downlink (speaker path):

    1. Noise suppression
    2. Loudness enhancer
    3. Automatic intelligibility enhancement while calling in noisy conditions
  • Sample rates:

    1. Full-band support: from 8 to 48kHz to fully support EVS, 5G and VoIP
  • Tool:

    1. Graphical tool for easy tuning by OEM and customer support teams

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