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GM6x5x SDK - provide comprehensive software development support for users


GM6x5x Software Development Kit (SDK) includes an application initialization program, peripheral driver, RTOS, middleware, sample source code and detailed API description documents. 

GM6x5x SDK has the following features: 

•   Modular layers designs 

•   Simple and standardized interfaces 

•   Abstract interfaces that hide implementation details and isolate complexity 

•   Reduces the size of binary codes of the program and the RAM usage during operation 

Sketch Diagram

GM6x5x SDK software architecture includes:

  • CPU and Peripherals Register Description layer

    Mainly includes header files for the definitions of register addresses, memory, interrupt vector and others.

  • Drivers layers

    Mainly includes source codes for the peripheral drivers, such as UART and GPIO.

  • HAL layer

    Provides simple packaging of the driver layers to simplify the use of drivers and supports basic mutually exclusive access. Developers of applications can self-define drivers based on the HAL.

  • Middleware layer

    Mainly includes various middleware such as New Libc, FatFs, RSA/ECC algorithm, TCP, USB and circular buffer.

  • FreeRTOS layer

    Mainly includes the porting code of FreeRTOS. FreeRTOS relies on a few peripherals, such as the interrupt controller and timer.

  • Application layer

    Mainly includes Hello World, FreeRTOS, C++, NDTS (ADP) application demo and others.

SDK Download




  • GM6x5x_sdk v0.0.1 2019-05-07 Download
  • GM6x5x_noos_template v0.0.1 2019-05-07 Download
  • GM6x5x_sdk_freertos_template v0.0.1 2019-05-07 Download

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